How It Works

Spend less time shopping and save money.

Your own personal digital assistant for purchasing, concierge quality, and budget-friendly, we are a new breed of shopping specialists that you’ll have access to every day.

You can try our service for FREE for a whole month, then pay just $20/mo, cancel anytime.

With a subscription, our staff will create and monitor “alerts” for equipment, airfare, gadgets, tools, real-estate, software, tours, and more. We monitor these “alerts” to get you the best prices for what you need.

Real-time chat with your digital agent across any timezone, anytime.

Get the gear you want, save money for something epic, with the help of UCI. Just $20/month, try for free today.


Basic Service


Deal alerts newsletter

DIY buying guides

Useful for airfare, travel gear, tours, and more

Great way to try our service

Cancel anytime

Premium Service


Weekly consultation

Real-time chat availability during business hours

“Alerts” monitoring

Weekly reporting

Cancel anytime

VIP Concierge Service


Customized solutions

Sophisticated tools for large purchasing needs

24/7 availability

Real-estate. insurance, auto, and more

Cancel anytime

“Save money for something epic.”


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